Triple EEE

Triple EEE
Energy, Efficiency, Economy

The brand new Triple EEE concept recovers heat out of your Airscrubber or Air-WTW.
This heat is then used to warm the incomming air of your stable. 

This system enables you to reuse ENERGY that is already in your stable in an EFFICIENT way. This gives you an ECONOMIC advantage.

The purpose of the patented Triple EEE concept is to heat the incomming air in the stable.
This gives a better and healthier indoor environment for the animals.

The collected heat from the air scrubber or Air-WTW  is transported to the heat exchangers in the air inlets of the stable. The heating of the incoming air gives you the following  advantages:

  • Constant climate in winter
  • Incoming air of -10 ° C can be heated to + 8 ° C
  • Stabilization of the relative humidity (this prevents moisture along the stable walls in winter)
  • No draft over the animals (reduction of use of drugs)
  • > 80% lower energy costs through heat recovery

The installation is dimensioned on 40% of the maximum ventilation capacity (ventilation requirement in wintertime).

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