Air scrubber

Air scrubber
INNO+ produces air scrubbers for the intensive livestock sector (poultry and pigs) and for industries.

INNO+ Air scrubbers are maintenance friendly, reliable and generally applicable. INNO + has a lot of knowledge in the field of legislation and regulation around ammonia, dust and odor.
We are well prepared for this complex area for the future.

We have a wide range of chemical, biological and carbon air scrubbers.

Why choose a air scrubber of INNO+.
  • We build air scrubbers with the highest standard of ammonia, odor and dust reduction.
  • The air scrubbers have a large surface area which gives a low pressuredrop (low resistance). 
  • The energy consumption of the fans is therefore significantly lower. 
  • Due to the unique pump technique we are able to work with a low power consumption for the pumps as well.
  • The system is easily accessible for maintenance and control.
In summary, a air scrubber of INNO + will provide convenience, security and reliabitity for the future.